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Sunday, March 23, 2008
Themes over graphical schemes
There are so many slots today with crazy themes and characters that have been totally exaggerated, and I used to find it really hard to find online slots that I could stand for more than 15 minutes.

I mean, it's either too simple with nothing more than fruits and a lever, or too over-the-top. Someone recommended to me to just find a theme I like, and I found out that some of the most invested slot games are those that are based on a familiar story – like, I am an adventure lover so slots like tomb Raider and Pirates of the Caribbean were just tops for me.

I recommend this strategy to all slots players at online casinos!


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Wednesday, October 31, 2007
Tennis game.
This is an awesome Tennis game with great graphics and entertaining game play!
You can play an Exhibition match against the computer to train yourself and then prepare to take part in the Tournament.

Select your player to begin with, each player has different skill levels. You've to play against a random opponent in the first round. Defeat your opponent to proceed to the next round. Win all the matches to grab the championship tittle.

Use the Arrow Keys to move around the court and press the Space Bar to smash the ball. The ball moves in the direction of the arrow key pressed. While serving the ball, press the Space Bar to toss the ball upwards and then press the Space Bar again to hit the ball.


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Sing the same song with your idol.
This time, I don't want to talk about games. I think I want to share this review with all of you because the review is about on how to make yourself famous. Idol Exclusive is a new social networking fansite for Idol fans. It's the website that gives you more exposure about their idol even on your cell phone.

Not only that, Idol Exclusive also provides many ways for you to communicate with other members through blogs, forums, pictures, videos. All you need to do is sign up and fill in your particular. If you're a full time blogger, it will be great if you sign up with them because life is not about on how to be a geek, but life is alive. You have to find your own friends that can help you wherever, whenever and whatever. Moreover, you sing the same song because you love the same idol!

Visit Idol Exclusive


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Argus- still waiting.
So finally, this blog got pagerank 2/10 after 3 times Google re-counter their pagerank. I don't have any problem with that because that pagerank was owned by Google itself. Just in case for certain make money programme, they still depend on the Google pagerank .

But I have to give my compliment to Payperpost because they will launch the Argus . I believe this will make bloggers happy because PPP always appreciate their publishers. So what do you think about Argus so far?

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